I am an artist and illustrator living in Tonbridge, Kent and I specialise in oil paintings of people and flowers, both are inspired by a fascination of the human condition, our physical individuality and of the less tangible aspects like our thoughts, feelings and soul. Through my paintings I seek to explore and celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our individuality. I also love to draw animals and love to capture their characters in a fun and quirky way.

Since I can remember I have loved to draw, I would copy pictures from my favourite story books, draw flowers from the garden or pictures of my pets. As a teenage I would spend hours in my room, headphones on, drawing my favourite pop and rock stars. I once drew a full sized pencil drawing of Jon Bon Jovi on my bedroom wall, much to my parent’s horror! With that said my family and friends were very supportive and were (mostly) willing guinea pigs for me to hone my skills as a budding artist.

I went on to study for a degree in illustration at the University of Portsmouth, where I had a particular interest in colour theory and life drawing, I graduated in 1998. After some dalliance in community art I found my way in to picture research and editing. My painting took a backseat for a while but I still drew and painted, taking a few  commissions in my free time.

I rediscovered my passion for painting a few years ago when my partner and I had taken a trip to Iceland. I had a really compelling photo of my partner in a cold, bleak setting and it had been such a great holiday that I felt inspired. Creating the painting gave me such a buzz that I haven’t stopped since. It was from this point that I decided that I wanted to paint professionally.

If you would like to commission a painting or illustration, please contact me at helen@helenoverkott.co.uk or call me on 07817 561026